This is the website of the Milton Abbot, Chillaton and Kelly Neighbourhood Planning Team, known as the MACKPlan team.  

We are a group of local residents helping to  prepare a Neighbourhood Development Plan for our area.  The team use this site to make their work publicly available and to invite feedback on their progress.

What is a Neighbourhood Development Plan and what will it do?

In 2014, Milton Abbot Grouped Parish Council and Kelly Parish Meeting agreed to create a neighbourhood development plan covering their combined areas. Its purpose is to give local people greater control over what kind of development takes place in their area, where it is and what it looks like.

The Borough Council will have to take MACKPlan into account when it decides on planning applications.  But, because MACKPlan will have that legal status, there are rules about what it can cover.

  • It must reflect relevant national and local planning policies and contain proposals for the provision of the indicative number of new homes specified in the Joint Local Plan now proposed to cover West Devon as well, as other neighbouring planning authorities.
  • It must be based on what local people want and be approved by them in a referendum.
  • As well as enabling new development, it is about maintaining successful, sustainable communities and protecting and enhancing the special character of our area.

Although there has been a significant amount of background work done, the release of the residents questionnaire, following an initial pilot survey, has been considerably delayed since the start of the MACKPlan process.

That has been for two main reasons.  Initially, it was due to the inability of a small group of volunteers to proceed at a faster pace, given the other commitments of key team members.  Then, West Devon Borough Council decided not to proceed with its own draft Local Plan and joined with Plymouth and South Hams councils to produce a new draft Joint Local Plan [JLP].  That meant that the content of the questionnaire could not be finalised until the draft JLP was sufficiently developed.

That work has now been done and a questionnaire was delivered to every home in the MACKPlan area in early July. 39% of the questionnaires were returned which was a good response, compared with similar surveys carried out for other neighbourhood plans.

To find out what local residents thought about the issues raised in the questionnaire, please go to the Residents Questionnaire page.

If you want to keep up to date as we progress, then please click on the 'Contact us' button at the top of this page and join the mailing list for our email newsletters.

Support provided by the Supporting Communities in Neighbourhood Planning Programme led by Locality in association with RTPI/Planning Aid England and partners, available through the My Community Rights website.